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How loud is the Aireox  Air Purifier?

  The engineers at Aireox Research designed each and every air purifier to have a very low noise factor.  Customers tell us that our Room Model 45 is the only air purifier they have found quiet enough for bedroom use, especially when they are trying to sleep.    



HELP! What Kind of Filter Do I Have?

  • Look for the Yellow Stickers located on the bottom of your Air Purifier or on the replacement filter, inside your unit. The new labels are marked as followed: Purafil/carbon, Coconut or Bituminous. Below are some older label markings.                   
  • If it is just marked Carbon Only then you have a Coconut Carbon filter.
  • If it is marked C2 or Other you have a Bituminous filter.Give customers a reason to do business with you.

How often do I have to change the filter cartridge?

  •   Other than in a lab there is no way to test activated carbon to determine if it needs to be replaced.  We recommend annually for 100% efficiency.  Those with MCS might have to change out the filter every 10 , 8 or 6 months depending on the level of MCS. 


How do I replace a filter cartridge?

  • Replacing the filter is very easy.  We have step by step pictures and instructions to make it as easy as possible.

What Maintenance is needed?

  •  No Maintenance is required with the air purifiers other than cartridge (filter) replacement  annually and cleaning on the external surface with a damp cloth when necessary. (Do not use harsh cleaners) Do Not Clean filter cartridge with water, although you can vacuum it, to removed excess dust.